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M.L as an Author

From 2016 till now the collection of stories created by M.L has grown from a single novel to several series. Check back often as the collection grows and changes.



The World of Lite and Darke 

With all things our past bled with the future. Lies and truths blending till no one person knows which is which. This is true in the world of Darke. In order to find the truth you must know the whole story.


The Obsidian Chronicles 

The Great war has come. Lives have been lost while others should have ended. Loyalty depends on the side you choose. But for those who have been saved by the Goddess… those who have known her kindness they see the truth of this war.

They see the bitterness and the tainted that has taken so much of the good and twisted it.

But with the goddess gone… hidden away to grieve it falls upon her generals now to lead her realm. It Falls upon the fallen Prince of Osirus to lead his people and to rebuild the life that he knows will only be a lie.

His place is among the great Star Cities. His Place is here to be the defender of Prim’s home land. But how can he be in two places at once? That is both the question and the answer to too many secrets.

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The Arcadian Chronicles

In the world of Lite & Darke, not everything is as it seems. Those we look up to as our friends might be the enemy waiting to strike.


And the ones hiding in the shadows maybe the greatest hero of them all.




Have you ever looked around and thought I don't belong? Well Govard does, the only issue is the is the crown prince of Arcadian. Well, Govard certainly does. The only heir to the throne, Govard is also the Crown Prince of Arcadia.This makes walking away out of it impossible. Yet, if what the seers are saying is true, he’ll never rule the city. His journey may lead him into far-off lands, but the cost is steep.A cost that’s written in blood.


The choice is his, but will the price be one he’s willing to pay?


Trient Press Magazine 

Author interviews, entrepreneur advice, Editorials, and a few other things tossed in. Expert advice and resources for any entrepreneur. Author spotlight: Robert Balsley



Children's Books


 Short stories for leave just a bit of mystery before bed

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