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Interview with Sheri Chapman

Please give us a short introductory bio.


Hi, I’m a fun, unusual person who loves to make others laugh. If you don’t laugh at me, I’ll still laugh at myself. I enjoy writing in many genres, but a few of my favorites follow: Historical Romance, Young Adult, Suspense, Paranormal, Shape Shifter, and even Horror. In two years, I’ll have thirty years’ experience under my belt with teaching in Missouri Public Schools. I’m excited to announce my plans to retire at that time. I also raise Pomeranians, and I have four daughters that I love to spend time with. I’m ready for my career change and am enthusiastic to finally be able to dedicate more time to writing!


Books – buy links: 


Wild Passion (Wild Dreams Publishing):

When Kaitlin’s father promised her hand to the foulest individual in the newly settled town, she decided she’d had enough! No man would control her anymore! Kaitlin packed her meager belongings and headed out on foot from their remote home to find refuge in the small town. However, she marched straight from one man’s command into another’s. The Oglala War chief on a mission for revenge found a beautiful woman to rescue. Once the warrior had saved the girl’s life, she owed it to him forever. Tamed by the wild culture of these caring but fierce people, Kaitlin learns that freedom isn’t always defined by personal expectations. Being a slave could never be an option, but how could she ever want liberty when her freedom is claimed by an attractive war chief who has also captured her heart?




Passions of the Heart (Wild Dreams Publishing):

Deep in the heart of the early 1800’s wild South Dakota territories, a remarkable event has occurred!  One of the first white women into the territory has been adopted into the Oglala branch of the mighty Sioux.  Kaitlin Farley, now known as Mazaska Zi Ista for her golden eyes by band members, has been blessed by the Great Spirit!  She is preparing to marry her promised one, the attractive and fierce war chief.  Enemy warrior, however, have different plans.  Kaitlin is captured and used as bait to lure the mighty Spirit Bear to his demise.

 How can such a man live a leader’s life when his heart and drive have been stolen from his side?  The war chief must make an imposing decision:  does he risk his community for the life of his one true love, or does he let the only woman to stir his blood go and be lost to him forever?



Passion Series #3 (a trilogy)

Eyes with No Soul (Muse It Up Publishing):

Have you ever felt the presence of evil? Like someone was watching you… Stalking you? What if you were right?

​ Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes&Noble (Nook) Also available at: Kobo ~ Apple iStore ~ Smashwords ~ Scribd ~ Inktera 


Website link: https://prayerpawpuppies.wixsite.com/authorsherichapman

Social Media (Please provide links & handles):

Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheri.branson.3

Author Facebook (I’m on personal more): https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSheriChapman/



Character Interview 

Today we are interviewing Chief Spirit Bear, a very important leader of the Oglala Sioux. His tribe reigned back in the early 1800’s, when the first whites began to arrive in the South Dakota territories. 


1. What's your occupation?

I am Spirit Bear, War Chief and one of four leaders of the Bear Claw Clan. My main job is to protect our village, lead our warriors, and provide strategies against our enemies. 

2. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I would say my most overused word is ‘honorable’. It is the Sioux’s way. Without honor, a man (or woman) is nothing. 

3. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Mazaska Zi Ista, or Golden Eyes, is the only woman to ever steal my breath away. Without her, I would be lost. Who would have thought that a white woman would be the one the Great Spirit would chose for me?

4. What do you most dislike about your appearance?

I do not care about my appearance for myself, but I do want my appearance to be pleasing to Mazaska Zi Ista, my wife. (He smiles.)

5. What is the quality you most like in a woman?

Mazaska Zi Ista (Golden Eyes) is the quality I most like in a woman (laughs). There is not one thing I can pick out. She is head strong and ornery. She is beautiful and kind. Her body is soft and generous. Golden Eyes works hard and is empathetic to others, and she is very loyal. If I can count on anyone, I know she will be by my side. Every day, I thank the Great Spirit for putting her in my life!

6. What is your greatest fear? 

 My greatest fear is for Mazaska Zi Ista to be taken from my side. I trust in the Great Spirit, for He resides within me. Thus far, he has allowed me great power to lead my people, and Golden Eyes is our gift for our many generosities. 

7. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?

I do have a nickname, but my wife would be very embarrassed if I shared it with you. How I came to get it is also private (he chuckles). 

8. Okay, now...are you a good guy, or a bad guy?

(Spirit Bear laughs heartily). That depends on who you ask. I am a very good man, honorable and true. However, if you ask my enemies, they will say I am very bad, indeed. 

9. One of your enemies just complimented you. Response?

I am always humbled by honor bestowed upon me, especially by my enemies. The Great Spirit has allowed me unlimited power. I respect my adversaries, and they should respect me. 
10. One of your friends just insulted you. Response?

I like to jest with my band brothers, but we never insult one another. Teasing is fun, but there are boundaries. A Sioux warrior never starts a war with his words. Even with a friend, words can turn into weapons. A true man of honor challenges with his power, not his mouth. A man who must put down his enemy (or friend) does not own true power, and he will fall. 

11. Tell us your biggest secret. 

The Crow have already used this to their advantage, but my biggest weakness and way to defeat me is to use Mazaska Zi Ista (Golden Eyes). Without her, I am nothing. 

12. Favorite food?

I do so like the pies Mazaska Zi Ista makes. My favorite is cherry, in particular… (He smiles, and his eyes twinkle merrily).

13. What is the quality you most like in a man?

A man must be a mighty warrior. This does not mean that he must always win. A man knows how to strategize. He must know when to invade and when to wait. A leader must always listen to his band members when there is strife but must consult the Great Spirit and the tribal council before making any big decisions. 

14. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is the bow breathed into life by the Great Spirit but shaped by my hand. With this bow, I have saved many lives. I could not have defeated the Crow so quickly without the knowledge on how to construct such a weapon, and I also saved Yellow Feather’s life when the bull bison nearly killed him.

15. If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?

My name is Spirit Bear. The mightiest bear is the Grizzly. He already lives through me, and I though him. 

16. How would you like to die?

I will die honoring the Great Spirit. If I had my preferences, I would die in battle, protecting those I love.

17. What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Life is all about honor and respect. I loathe those who do not honor others for a man’s word is who he is!

18. On what occasion do you lie?

I do not lie. Always, my words ring true. I am a great leader, but I do not manipulate. People follow me because they know me to be honorable and strong. 

Author Interview
​Emanuel Andrei

​January 31, 2018

Please give us a short introductory bio. – I am 40. I live in European Union (Romania). I am an IT Engineer and I write in my spare time. I hope to become a professional writer.

Books – buy links: I have published only one Sci-Fi book on Amazon and this is "The restoration". As the title suggests, one of the characters, which is an android, isn't content about the situation and want to alter the course of the history.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XNPRQQL
I started to write in 2016. I preferred to focus all my attention and energy in order to develop the space opera Starship "Apple of Discord". I have finished the first three volumes on November 11, 2017 and now I am looking for a traditional publishing house.

Website link:

Social Media :

1. What is your Author pen name? 
I use my own personal name, Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi. I am a Sci-Fi writer from    European Union (Romania).
2. What is your writing Kryptonite?
Sometimes I don't have inspiration or enough time to write.
3. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
(For Series Only:) Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
My work is genuine. Although I love many books, movies and games, my books are not clones of these. I invented and tested against the search engines (e.g.: Google) all the names of planets, aliens, animals, plants and technology from my books in order to be sure that these are now used already by others. I have even a dictionary, where I write every name used on my books.
Each volume of my space opera Starship "Apple of Discord" is connected with others. I want to assure the readers that each volume introduces new characters and have additional plots too.
4. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
There are many Easter eggs in my books. For example in my space opera Starship "Apple of Discord" I used many numbers with multiple significations like lucky / unlucky numbers in many cultures, real historical data. There are chapters too, in which the readers could find clues about what might happen next, but I love to tease and surprise them with unexpected shifts from the plot or character's evolution.
5. How did you choose the genre you write in?
I became writer because I love the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre. I was a consumer - this mean I read books, watched movies and played computer games, but one day I decided to create my own Sci-Fi universe. So was born the space opera Starship "Apple of Discord". I plan to write more volumes, because my saga isn't ready yet, and I have other projects too. For example I want to write another Sci-Fi novel called "The independence" then Fantasy, Thriller and Dystopia books too.
6. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
I love to read, but I was not influenced by another author. I have an untamed imagination and I found inspiration in scientific articles and real life.
My favorite Sci-Fi book is “Roadside picnic” by Arkadi and Boris Strugatsky.
My favorite Fantasy book is the “Rune Swords” series by multiple authors like Clayton Emery, Rose Estes, Tom Wham, J.F. Rivkin.
7. Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
I will publish the 1st volume from Starship "Apple of Discord" this year. This space opera is about the adventures of a man from Earth called Adam. He will encounter alien civilizations and technology. Adam will be helped by a readhead android named A.I. Cassiopeia, which is presented on my social media, Facebook included.  
8. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
As I wrote before, I used scientific articles and real life experiences for my books. When I created Starship "Apple of Discord", I used knowledge from physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, history, geography, geology, psychology, medicine, computer science and xenology in order to describe the rich universe of my space opera. The readers will enjoy reading about alien worlds, alien civilizations, strange animals and plants etc.
9. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Writing a book is only half of the quest. Publishing a book is another one. Between them you must deal with rejections and spiteful reviews. Bottom line: writing is a consuming act and squeezes you like a lemon. If you are not prepared for this then please don’t do it!
10. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
First I want to thank you to all my beta readers and my Facebook fans. I ask you to have a little patience; the first volume of Starship "Apple of Discord" will be published this year. If you love the Sci-Fi genre then I promise you will not be disappointed!
11. Name 5 favorite movies. Why?
Well I have a huge list, but I will mention only five.
Star Wars - it is a wonderful space opera, I love all characters (Lea, Han, Chewbacca, Yoda, Luke, Vader, Jyn Erso, Obi Wan etc.)
Star Trek - it is a great movie series and I love Kirk, Picard, Data, Spock, Worf, Quark, Galrak Gul Dukat and the others
Guardians of the Galaxy - I am sad because Yondu is gone, but I hope there will be more adventures with that gang of superheroes
The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit trilogy - these movies helped me to understand better the books of Tolkien
Game of Thrones - brings to life the amazing books of G.R.R. Martin; I like very much Tyrion Lannister and if a movie will be created after my space opera Starship "Apple of Discord" then I hope Peter Dinklage will play the role of a space pirate called The Honorable Lamdhak.
12. What's your favorite love story? (movie or book)
My favorite love story is from the movie Allied (2016) with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.
13. What’s your favorite line from any movie?
"Stay frosty!" - Aliens (1986)
14. If we Googled your name what would we see?
You will discover only links to all my social media, my books and other interviews. I am also an active member of couple forums like:  fantasy-writers.org, critiquecircle.com, writerscafe.org
15. List five adjectives to describe yourself.

creative, passionate, workaholic, genuine, funny


Author Interview L.C. Perry
Author Interview Jan. 29,2018

Name: L.C. Perry

Please give us a short introductory bio. –

L.C. Perry is a young indie author and avid reader of Young Adult, Romance, Dystopia, Paranormal, Suspense and Action novels. In the seventh grade, she discovered her passion for writing and started her first novel. Throughout middle school and high school, her main hobby was surrounded by books. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is listening to music, watching anime, eating sweets, hanging out with family/friends and daydreaming. She is now currently attending Emory University.

Books – buy links:

Gold Shadow

Website link:

Social Media:

 What is your writing Kryptonite?

Definitely the internet. It’s absolutely terrible how distracted I can be when I have Wi-Fi at my fingertips. Sigh.
Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to be original. Although looking for what readers want is important, there are many ideas out there that no one has touched upon and I’ve always preferred something unique or something that isn’t done often.
Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

Gold Shadow is a part of the Bronze Rebellion series, and unfortunately they cannot be read as standalones. Each book ties into the next, creating a story full of secrets, character growth and intrigue.
How did you choose the genre you write in?

I’ve always enjoyed reading YA novels and I knew that was something I wanted to write for a living. Growing up, I was always excited about creating my own world and characters. Writing fiction was a place where I could let my imagination run wild. YA was the most relatable genre for me. 
Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi helped revive my love for reading at a young age so it’s definitely a book I keep close to my heart :)
Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
My upcoming book will be the second book in the Bronze Rebellion series. It will be coming out at some point in May 2018.
Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Purely imagination. Sometimes, I’ll include character characteristics that relate to me or real life people, but the plot and situations are all fabricated.
Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Keep writing! You will never know what works and what doesn’t until you put those ideas down on paper ;) 
Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you all for your wonderful support. I’m grateful to have each and every one of you on my quest to becoming a successful author!
Are you a morning or night person?

Definitely a night owl. Staying up and sleeping in are always key for a perfect day!
What are your favorite hobbies?

Writing, reading, watching anime and listening to music. All in that order ;)
Do you believe in love at first sight?

I think it’s a phenomenon that can happen between soulmates definitely!
List five adjectives to describe yourself.

Quiet, lazy, determined, sympathetic, and very tall!
What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike?

I’m all for the environment, so I absolutely hate wasting resources of any kind. I think it’s a pretty good pet peeve to have :) 
Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

My imagination can get pretty wild when I’m listening to music. For years, I would walk or pace around the house while listening to music because I had to keep myself moving in some way.  So far, I haven’t found anyone else who does that!

Author Interview
​H.C. Bentley

H.C. Bentley

Please give us a short introductory bio.

There's just something about a small town that makes relationships interesting, whether they are romances, long-running feuds, or life-long friendships. These are the relationships H.C. Bentley enjoys discovering and exploring. Well that, and the fact she just loves a good happily ever after or second chance story. When she's not writing, H.C. works as a cataloging librarian at her county library. In her spare time, you can find her playing pool, traveling with her family, or curled up watching movies (romantic comedies are a favorite!). She's also an avid reader, leaning towards various authors of romance and chick lit, but her favorite is Nora Roberts. A southern girl at heart, H.C. calls Kentucky her home. After opting to join the military to pay for college, she spent three years stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany before returning to her hometown in rural western Kentucky, where she and her husband live with their two daughters. H.C. loves chatting with readers. You can contact her through her website, or any of her social media.

Books – buy links:

All buy links (including international) are on my website

Website link:

Social Media:

Q & A 

What is your writing Kryptonite?
The internet! lol. I can't write if I have Facebook or such open. It's a definite case of the "squirrel" sydrome.
Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
At times, I do! Little incidents or stories dropped here and there. And I've had people ask if my books were based on me, and this is what I tell them. Then I refuse to elaborate, which drives people crazy! lol
How did you choose the genre you write in?
I didn't really choose it... it was always just romance for me. I've toyed with the idea of doing a children's book of some sort, but that would be later on down the road.
Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
The Misadventures of a Dating Delia is a rom-com about a woman who made a drunken marriage pact back in college...and now it's coming back to bite her! lol Her BFF Bitsy comes up with a plan - Delia's Dating Plan, to be exact - to help her date her way out of the pact. Only things go really, really wrong. It's a dating life you wouldn't wish on anyone! You can find the info and a sneak peek on my website, and if you're on Instafreebie, you can claim the first full chapter (http://bit.ly/2Baacwx)!
Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
The advice I always give is to just write. You can't have a book or build a career if there are no words on the page. So, write...don't worry about mistakes or grammar or any of the technical junk. Just write.
Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I really enjoy chatting with readers! I love getting messages when people have read something I wrote, and enjoy interacting with the readers in my Facebook group (Bentley's Book Babes). We have a good time!
Name 5 favorite movies. Why?
I love a good chick-flick romance, especially when there's some comedy thrown in or it's a feel-good kind of movie. It's a nice escape for me. My top five go-to movies are:
How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days
The Holiday
The Age of Adeline
Sweet Home Alabama
The Last Holiday
If we Googled your name what would we see?
A lot of writing related stuff! Lol
Are you a morning or night person?
Night owl, all the way. Mornings are NOT my friend!

If I wasn't afraid I would _________ (What?)
If I wasn't afraid, I would ride rollercoasters or sky dive. But I hate heights so.... nope. My feet will be staying on solid ground, thank you very much! lol
Someday, I want to _________ (What?)
Someday, I want to travel the world. I absolutely LOVE going to new places, and traveled extensively when I was overseas. I'd love to revisit places I've been, see places I missed, and visit ones still left on my bucket list.
What are your favorite hobbies?
I'm a crafty/DIY person, so I always have a list of projects waiting. I took up oil painting last year. I am getting back into lettering/calligraphy. Reading and movies are old favorites as well.
Does Prince Charming exist?
Only in Disney movies. lol Personally, I prefer someone who's more real (in both life and my writing).
List five adjectives to describe yourself.
Snarcastic (a fun mix of sarcasm and snark). Smart. Fun. Determined. Creative.
Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.
I eat cereal like most people eat popcorn! I can sit down to watch a movie and eat cereal straight from the box. And I'm usually not picky about what kind it is, though I'm partial to frosted flakes.

Author Interview Rob Buton
​Jan.26, 2018 #trebornotrub

Name: Rob Burton
Bio: British and man with a very interesting and fulfilling life! Extremely interesting bloke and somewhat of an excellent author. In Mediations on Murder, his first novel, we see notes of Ian Rankin and maybe a smidge of Val McDermid, added with a deep supernatural and remarkably interesting historical angle...Watch Charlie Simpson's descent into madness unfold as you hold the book; helpless.... (words of a fellow author)
Where in the world are you?
I’m in Nanjing, China. I have been here 6 years teaching English. My hometown is Plymouth, England, the ‘home’ of the Pilgrim Fathers.
Where in the world would you like to be?
Right at this moment its – 8 degrees C so anywhere warm would do. I have visited Thailand and Vietnam recently and its very nice there.  We all have this vision of sitting on the beach with our laptops writing – right?

Books – buy links:
Meditations on Murder
Website link: www.rob-burton.co.uk
Social Media :
Favourite book:
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig (who has recently passed away). I first bought this book in Holland where I was living and working.  It was probably around the mid 70’s so the book had just come out. I cannot count how many times I have passed this book on never to get it back. Fortunately, it can often be found in Charity Shops, car boot sales and second-hand book stores which are all my favourite shopping places.

Favourite snack when writing: I am really trying to lose a bit of weight. I sit on my arse too much writing. When I am sat writing pistachios are my nibble of choice.  And here in China they are cheap enough to eat much too many. The positive thing about China is their taste in snacks does not really resonate with the Western palate. So I pass on the chicken feet and the cucumber flavoured crisps/chips.
What do you write on?
I write on my trusty Macbook.  I have a love/hate relationship with it. I had spent all my professional life using PC’s but when I knew I was coming to China I decided I needed something more robust. So as I had some redundancy money and I could still get the academic discount I went for the MacBook Pro 13inch in 2011. I am still using it. Here in China I have upgraded it to a SSD and 8GB of ram. Had a new touchpad and keypad. All done very cheaply while you wait. But it still irritates me. I know Steve Jobs wanted us all to learn the secret clicks and combinations – but I can’t be arsed to do that. It does what I want it to do and that’s enough.
I use Word 2008 and for editing support I use Prowritingaid which I find much better than Grammarly.
Where do you write?
I have the small corner of a two seater sofa of which the dog and the girlfriend have the majority of the space. I also get to write in my office at the school here in China where I teach English in the two office hours I have to do every day as part of my contract.
What are your current projects?
At the moment my novella The Castle of the Red-Haired Maidens is out with the editor. This is the back-story to Nye the 12th Century Scottish ghost who is a main character in my novel Meditations on Murder. In that book she tells us she was horribly murdered – the novella covers that incident.
I am also writing the second novel of the series with Charlie Simpson. (I wanted him to be a pretty ordinary man facing extraordinary circumstances – hence the boring name) I am about 50% through it atm.  The Twelfth Rune is set in Cornwall and uses Cornish myths and legends to drive the story as Charlie has to pit his wits against Modred the arch Arthurian villain to rescue some lost religious artefacts and, of course, save the world again. (Is that too much of a spoiler?)
I also earn some spare cash doing some writing and proofreading for Nanjing University and an English Training school. The translation department sends me English translations of works and I have to check the English.  Recently I proofed a book about Karl Marx (still popular here of course) and am working on a book about the various translations of the Chinese classic Dao De Jing by Laozi . (I am hopeless at proofreading my own stuff of course.)
Can you share a little of your current work with us (no more than 1000 words)?
I wanted to get back to Annie, back to my cottage in Mount’s Bay, back to my books and leisurely coffees at Myghal’s place, although now his cover had been blown, maybe that was a thing of the past too.
My phone buzzed under the table.  I pulled it out of my pocket and swiped it on. I noticed there was no signal. I checked my watch. Time had stopped too. So why did the phone buzz? There was no obvious announcement on the screen.  I scrolled through looking at the apps seeing if they had an indication of a message. My Nye app was glowing green.
Nye, the ghost from 12th century Scotland who had haunted me in London when all I wanted to do was kill my girlfriend who had run off with my best mate.  Nye, who had given me the hypersphere so we could do away with the ghastly red caps and lead me into a murderer’s den so we could save Annie from a gruesome death at his hands.
Was she here? Arriving like the 7th Cavalry to save the day? I took in a big sniff hoping to smell the familiar tarry smell of a good malt whisky that usually indicated she was around.
I pressed the app. This usually meant that she would appear in person, as it were, or at least show up on the screen for some face time.
Modred was watching me carefully.
“Hey, Chas.”
“Charlie.” I countered.
“How’s the food daddy o, bust a gut yet?”
“Fine, fine.” I pushed the plates away from me. “Lets get down to business. But first,” I pointed at the speakers “can you turn that shite off.”
Modred scowled a little but clapped his hands. Immediately the music stopped, and the flailing watusi zombie dancers skipped out of sight.
Sitting back, he clasped his arms behind his head in another macho manspreading cliché bullshit position. He smirked and nodded his head.
“The situation Charlie, my boy, is you have something that I want. And in return, I can give you something that you want.”
“What’s that?” I countered.
“Your life dude.” He clicked his fingers.
“But you don’t have it yet so how can you return it?
“Are you so sure? You are currently in the company of the dead. Death is all around you.”
“Death is a fact of life” I shot back nonchalantly, but not feeling at all nonchalant. We seemed to have entered into some sort of Socratic argument.
“Do you not fear death?”
“Why should I fear death? I do not know enough about death to fear it.”
“And yet you are here in the presence of death.” He gestured with his hands at himself and then to Tregeagle who gave his gravedigger smile.
“Maybe,” I argued, “that it is you who knows little enough about death because here you are still wandering the mortal plane.”
“’Tis the vindictiveness of thy miserable priests for causing I such pain and toil.” Tregeagle spat across the table.
“Ye mortals fear death as the raindrop fears the sun. ‘Tis but a moments work for both to be gone. Damn your priests and damn this game.” He rose from his seat like a pocketknife unfolding, all sharp angles and blades. His shirtfront flounced in an act of mutiny against the jagged movements of his body.
“Hold, Jan. Hold,” Modred stared down the table at me. His eyes returned to the golden glow of the beast that was surely within. “Let us play longer.”
There, I was being toyed with.
My hand was in my pocket holding my phone. I was willing it to buzz so the green light would envelop me for all to be well. I wanted to rest my brow once again against the pillow of Nye’s breasts as she hummed a simple tune.
“Tell me mortal.” Modred’s voice had hardened.  “Why you are so sure about not fearing death?”
I turned so I could look Modred straight into his golden eyes.
“I know I shall die, maybe today at your hand, perhaps not. Maybe I will live until the Crown is forced to acknowledge my singular existence through the medium of a congratulatory telegram upon reaching my centenary, who knows? But you, and you.” I pointed my finger at Tregeagle. “You, the dead, know nothing. What have you got in your death? What rewards have you accrued? Nothing. You are barely remembered, and for the most part, you are forgotten.”
Modred stood, eyes blazing, fists clenched, and knuckles down on the table.
“Human, you are finished; you will give me what I seek. You will kneel at my feet and give up the stone.”
It was my turn to grin.
“Such is death, and you live in this hell or some other hell like place where your immortality is an unhappy, endless, striving for what?  You know what?” I stood, and ripped my shirt open. I bared my sagging chest at him.
“Do your worst you evil cunt, because no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death.”
In my pocket, my phone burped.
In the hall, the stereo switched on.
Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss
On a loop, around, and around, and around…
Why did you write that? What inspired it?
My first novel was set in modern day London. This time the story is set in Cornwall. I know a lot about Cornwall as my PhD is about Cornish Identity, so I followed the old adage of write what you know.  In this novel I use a lot of the myths and legends of Cornwall and intertwine Arthurian legends, many of which are also set in Cornwall. It’s a bit of a Dan Brown romp is The Twelfth Rune.
Do you have any advice for other writers?
Write like a Bastard.
Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
My favourite author is James Lee Burke. And in particular his detective series featuring Dave Robicheaux.  I find Burke to be a very atmospheric writer. His stories do not seem to be hurried; they are well paced and draw the reader in. Also he answers his fan emails  *blush*
Can you tell us a writerly joke?
If Moses were alive today he’d come down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and spend the next five years trying to get them published.
- Anonymous
Anything else on your mind?
Many young writers ask on the Facebook writer’s page that they want to start writing but they don’t know how or what to write.  My advice is travel. See the world, have some adventures. Live life.

“You look at where you're going and where you are and it never makes sense, but then you look back at where you've been and a pattern seems to emerge.” 
― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values