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Great Wolf Lodge - Is it worth the price?

If you’re looking to take your family on an affordable getaway this summer, you might want to consider Great Wolf Lodge, the family fun-themed hotel and water park located in Atlanta, Ga and Sandusky, OH. While the water parks are the main draw at this hotel chain, Great Wolf Lodge also offers other fun activities such as bowling, mini golf, billiards, arcade games and spa services - all included in the price of your stay! On top of all that, it’s typically one of the cleanest hotels in its class! However, just because it's typically one of the cleanest hotels doesn't mean it always is.

Why we might have enjoyed Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge, as part of a package deal, is considerably less expensive than paying per night. However, you may find that you need to go out and do something else during your visit. In comparison to other family fun options in Niagara Falls or Toronto, Great Wolf’s passes are just not very good value for money. This is especially true given how much extra you pay for a sleeping option and meals for kids with their wristbands. If we had budgeted more money, we would have considered hotels first; we would probably spend two nights at The Fairmont Royal York (the only hotel on Front Street), three nights in Niagara-on-the-Lake where some hotels don’t even charge resort fees and then one day at each park: Marineland and Canada's Wonderland.

3 ways to save on your stay at Great Wolf Lodge

1. Sign up for their emails and use reward points. This is a great way to get discounts on future visits and often to score free stays that might otherwise not be possible. Also, if you can't make your stay, they will often refund your points in full!

2. Choose their Packages. Often hotels have deals or packages that include food and amenities for a discounted rate. If you don't need these extras, simply avoid purchasing them when booking online; however, if you're budgeting for meals at home before going to Great Wolf Lodge anyway then it's a great idea!

3. Call them directly with questions. One of my favorite things about staying at GWL is speaking with their friendly agents over the phone; they've helped me out so many times by negotiating rates with other hotel chains (when traveling through multiple cities) or even getting me a special deal due to circumstances beyond my control. Always ask! The worst thing that could happen is someone says no ... which I have never heard anyone say ;) You'll almost always receive a discount of some sort so long as you are respectful and polite. Just give it a try :) It really has saved us money numerous times over our trips. Hope these tips help save you some extra money too!

4 Things To Know Before You Go To Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park resort that's now expanding outside of North America. Based in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Great Wolf has locations throughout Canada and The United States that offers a variety of family-friendly packages. With large indoor water parks and other activities for kids as well as attractions for adults, Great Wolf does seem like a great vacation spot; but how much do these getaways cost, exactly? Read on to learn four things you should know before you book your next trip.

Tips For Families At Great Wolf Lodge: Your family will likely have a lot of fun at Great Wolf Lodge! The theme, spirit animals and service levels make staying here a treat. However, there are some things to keep in mind when visiting GWR so that you can maximize your fun time...and not feel ripped off either. Consider these five tips below when deciding what you want out of your stay at GWR and use them while planning your'll be glad you did! What Makes Great Wolf So Special?: It seems like every year more and more big family hotels open up near where we live. I am talking about places such as Cheaper than Disney, Fun Zone Hotel or even Landmark Resort Hotels & Resorts which are right by our local outlet mall.

Are they really family friendly though? This is a common question asked by parents considering big chain hotels during their trips with children. Here is why Great Wolf Lodge stands above most others when it comes to family friendliness. However, this is more focused on the younger kids not your teens.

Have you ever stayed at one of those huge water park resorts? If not, then you may not realize just how amazing they can be. Not only do they offer swimming pools filled with beautiful waterslides and all sorts of crazy ways to have fun in a swimming pool - but also many also contain mini bowling alleys, arcade games, story time and other seasonal activities. Many times these resorts also offer restaurants and gift shops within them too! Sounds pretty cool doesn't it?

However, be mindful of the time of year that you are going. Spring break is huge for the kids and rooms may be at a higher cost during peak seasons. Also this will lead to longer check in times and crowded pools.

Double Check the Cleanliness Before You Unpack

Great Wolf Lodge, while a great place to take your family, has a few flaws. The biggest one is cleanliness: A lot of families have complained about not being able to sleep because of dirty sheets and unclean rooms. Make sure you check for clean sheets before you get settled in for bedtime! If they’re super dirty (you'll know if they are), don’t be afraid to ask for new ones—your family deserves better than rumpled pillows. And as always, if you go home with anything less than stellar memories (or even just meh ones), complain—it won't hurt anything and could help someone else next time around. Families spend a lot of money when they head out on vacation; they should be able to enjoy themselves without having their noses rubbed in filth.

Please share your experiences below in our comments section. We would love to hear what they were like...and what you did about them! Onwards, to family fun and adventure--with staying on budget.

One final note ...we strongly recommend all families planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge call and talk to them directly. They are a great family-friendly resort, but they are not perfect. You should go in with realistic expectations (and keep them updated as you learn more). Not sure what they're like over there on customer service or maintenance...or anything else for that matter? Just pick up your phone and give them a call! You'll be glad you did; they know their stuff! No need to blindly commit to a place where you're not sure what will happen when things don't go as planned. Again, we'd love for your family to share their experiences in our comments section below.

Things to mindful of:

If you are going to stay for work realted reason double check that the GWR has a business center and reliable WIFI.

For those who like to keep in shape know where the local gyms are since my expericance with their fitness centers are laughable. Thankfully I have a gym membership.

Food at the resort is really for the kids. For real meals research local resurants.

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