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Hay all, where are you going this summer?

I’m putting together some trips with writers in mind. Some will be more adventure-type, and some used for more writers get-a-ways. Here’s what I need from you...

Just fill out this quick 2 minute survey and tell me where you would like to go. Some ideas are below. Please note every trip is for those 18 and older with a passport.

Art travel in Prague

If you're looking for an international get-away with a difference, Prague is one of Europe's most visually striking cities. With its breathtaking medieval architecture and historic cafes and bars opening out onto lively cobbled streets, it's like stepping back in time. The stunning Pissarro Museum offers an incredible collection of masterpieces from some of history's greatest painters—Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne among them—and is well worth a visit to explore these treasures up close. Plus everyone knows that no trip is complete without taking in at least one castle! Stroll through Prague Castle or Loket Castle to explore magnificent chapels and sights steeped in history before treating yourself to some delicious wine at a nearby vineyard. Or if you want to get your creative juices flowing, why not join a writer's retreat? Get inspired by Prague's rich literary heritage as you soak up inspiring views of the city.

Connect with nature on an international safari

If it’s a writer’s get-away that you’re after, take in Tanzania’s stunning wildlife. A good way to do that is by joining one of the safaris. You will be able to see Africa’s amazing wildlife while learning more about its culture and heritage. Whether it's swimming with elephants or trekking through East Africa on horseback, this trip will show you why their international adventures are unlike any other. If a writers get-away is more your style then look no further than our exclusive writers retreat in Bali! This inspiring beach side villa includes gourmet meals and daily yoga classes which will allow for inspiration to flow as freely as your never ending poolside view. It's a writer's paradise.

Explore Maui's natural wonders by sea kayak

Grab your paddle and get out on Maui's famous ocean in a sea kayak. The best way to learn is with a group. Our tours focus on getting out into nature while keeping our groups small. This helps create an environment that's fun and social for everyone. The trips include snacks (and snorkeling equipment if necessary), transportation from our meeting point to the location and back, wetsuits or drysuits if necessary for safety reasons or kayak type preferences (for cold water), with guides who are experienced adventurers themselves and also take care of safety as well as lead appropriate songs to pass time between snorkeling sites/hikes at sea as well as let us know about some history of each destination we go to.

Does this sound intresting Just click the link and let the fun begin.

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