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The World Of Non Fiction

Helping people is a passion of mine. As I am finding fewer hours in the day to be helpful, I have started taking some of my coaching and other useful information and put into book form. 

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Are you Happy

We all strive to be happy. We tell ourselves that we are happy, but are we really? There is no true happiness without honesty. Am I happy? Am I doing what makes those around me happy or am I doing what makes me fulfilled? Am I living in such a way that is making those around me happy or am I living for myself? It's time, to be honest. It's time for a change. It's time to ask the hard questions.



In this book, I have given you the tools to ask yourself if you are truly happy in life and if not, how you can be happier. It started off as taking what I teach and trying to simplify it but it grew into something much bigger. It grew into part advice, part workbook, and part my personal journey that I get to share with you.

Are You Happy: Everyday Happiness a Guide to Finding You 

When we are continually pushing

ourselves and berating ourselves, life

loses its color. It loses its fun. And

ultimately, it becomes somewhat



The truth of the matter is that most of

us mistreat ourselves or neglect

ourselves. With this workbook, you will

discover how learning the power of

self-care can transform your life and

make you happier, healthier, and more



Use it together with the rest of the

"Are You Happy" series to help you

find what truely fulfills you and

brings you happiness from within.

Are You Happy: Wired to Succeed

Coming soon

Are You Happy? Wired to Succeed. 

The secret to attracting anything you want in life is inside your mind. Most of us didn’t choose the path we’re on now – we didn’t choose to work in the career we’re in now, and many probably didn’t actively choose where they live either. But don’t worry! The answer is here: How To Attract Anything You Want In Life By Rewiring Your Mind To Reach Its Full Potential!

Learn how you too can achieve business success. You'll never know untill you give it a shot. After all many people are making a great living selling products and services online. You could be one of them. Some people have a hard time believing this is possible, but that mindset could be exactly what's holding you back. Dream big, reach for the stars.