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​As an author I have the privilege to become one of the first to have their works made into a Cine-book. However I need your votes to see this dream become a reality . 
​How can you help?
​Click the link and vote. That simple. If it gets to 1000 votes then it will be published in this new E-book format. 
​ https://cine-books.com/projects/melisa-9fd7c/the-new-reign-a-lite-and-darke-novel 

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Greetings and thank you for supporting the IPPY Awards and the independent publishing movement! We hope this means you recognize the promotional value of entering the "World’s Largest Book Awards Contest." We’re constantly trying to make it the "world’s best" book awards contest, so if you have any suggestions on how we can make it a better experience, please let us know.

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On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, from 6-9 pm, we'll present the 22nd Annual IPPY Awards ceremony in New York’s Time Square, at the legendary Copacabana night club. All medal-winning books get two tickets for free, with extra guest tickets available for $75 each. We'll supply more details as the event gets closer, but we're excited about holding our second big event at this new venue. 

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Life has hills and valleys, but is how you handle those low times that will lead you to overcome the mountains in your life.

About the Author


Born In 1982, a native to Lorain Ohio, Melisa grew up living with her grandparents Frances and James Lasure. She attended Clearview High School as well as Lorain County J.V.S. While in J.V.S she attended the Culinary Arts program graduating in 2001.

In 2003 she welcomed the addition of her daughter Chyenne. Who inspired her to start to put her dreams to paper. A story she wrote after her daughter's birth, although not published, became the stepping stone to everything else she would eventually write.

In 2011 near tragedy struck as Melisa's health began to decline. By summer of 2011 she would need to use a cane to get around. Suffering a stroke she required a craniotomy where she suffered her second stroke. Leaving her with a partial impairment of her speech, and weakness on her right side.  After surgery she would need to learn not only to walk again, but speak as well as recognize the alphabet. 

By 2016 with the encouragement of family Melisa would begin to pen the first draft in what would become the  "Lite and Darke" series.