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Behind every successful person lays a rocky road that they have traveled. As from the struggles we forged the path for our seccess. 

Profesional Information 

​As an ​Executive

2020- Current​
Advisory Board Positions
Dove & Dragon Publishing ​Ruscsak Films& Publishing

Born at the end of 2017 Rucsask Films and publishing wanted to merge the worlds of book and film. Taking part in AFM in 2019 only to be closed in 2020 when the company with it's undertaking prroved to be the foundation or steping stones to three new companies rather than just one.

​2020- Current 
Trient Press

Trient Press was Born in 2020 during the hight of the pandemic. Seeing the need to branch out from desktop publishing and into a more tradional publishing house. Taking over Dove and Dragon Radio, and most of the authors who had been a part of Dove and Dragon Publishing or Ruscsak Films and Publishing. 

  • AAA Hydrovac

  • ​K9 X-Factor

  • ​DHI

  • Undisclosed Boutique Brokerage

​In the Media

​​2021- Current 

USAP: United States Accoicated Press

NWU: Independant Writers Union

IA-PP: International Association of Press Photographers is an independent, internationally active association of journalists.

Dove & Dragon Radio
Atlanta Mix 108

Being discovered while doing a pop-up podcast while promoting book 3 in the "Lite and Darke" series, Author Talk quickly became a known promotional tool for new and seasoned authors to promote thier work.

After leaving Atlanta Mix 108

And not really finding a place that was organic in Cleveland Smooth Jazz - Dove and Dragon Radio was born. 

Starting off as radio/ audio only it has bloomed in a full video podcast talking to more than 200 people a year. 

The Struggles 

Medical Issues

​Starting in late in 2010 after a medically needed abortion the real health issues started. With the gestional diabeates not getting better other health issues began. ​Starting off presting as the inablity to keep food down; medical proffesionals were stumped. At the same time weight dropped as did energy levels. ​Food... eating became painful until at last after being in and out of the hospital an answer was found. A mass of blood vessels laying on the surface of the brain appeared to be ready to rupture. A 45 minute helocopter ride and the surgon saying it's no big deal and he proceeded to go on his vaction.​3 days later the first stroke. At 28 yrs old , left partially parolized and neeing a cane, hope became waining. Two weeks later surgery was compleated. During the time while under anesthesia the second stroke happen. ​Permanent vision issues , speach and motor fuction became a daily reminder of how fragile life really is. 


Divorce is never easy. More so when it plays out one social media. However sometime one has to turn to open platforms to brings things to an end. A cleansing fire to shead light on the darkness.

Divorce Number 2 

Marital Issues  

​The marriage started off with an agument the day of the wedding. It went down hill from there. Later in the marriage audio and video was recorded and is now open to the public to help others of domistic violance. 

Not everyhting is 100% open to the public. However, for what is there, I hope it helps someone find help. 


​Children can be crule. More so when you show fear and self doubt. When you are unsure of yourself and let your own fears color how you see life. Those who need help will rarely say it until it is much to late.

​As a child friends and fitting in was never common pratice.  For even friends were there to show betrayal. Or at least that is how it was precieved . Fitting in meant being as curle as those around knowing how it felt to be on the other side.

​Being alone in a sea of people was no diffrent than being alone in a room by yourself.

​This was the world that was seen thru a child's eyes.Long before the internet bulling was apart of life. Yet a smile could always be found just to hide the tears and self fears of the day.

The ​negitive words said by peers were nothing compaired to the negitive words that were told to ones self. ​Day after day. Year after year. Hope, love and happiness were things told only in stories. Yet they have help shape core beliefs of a better life.

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